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Do you only shoot in Barbados?

Nope! So far, I have shot in Toronto and Jamaica, and I'm certainly open to shooting other places as well. Feel free to discuss the possibilities with me if you would like me to travel for your project.

Do you have a studio?

I don't currently have a studio, but if you absolutely require photographs in a studio setting, it is possible for me to arrange a studio rental to accommodate you. I mainly shoot on-location and outdoors.

How do I book an appointment?

I understand that each client may have different needs, therefore it's best to send a request for service, by email or through the contact form. Please outline as much detail about your needs as you can. Details such as:
(1) Preferred date and time of photo session     
(2) Type of photo session (fashion, editorial project, portrait, event, etc)
(3) Preferred location
(4) Purpose of images (e.g. newsletter, wall-mounted portraits, magazine feature, advertising, etc) 
(5) Number of persons to be photographed 
(6) Delivery deadline

How much does it cost?

The final cost of your session will depend on the details of the project and your needs as provided in your request/consultation.
Please contact me through the contact form or email warrenLphoto@gmail.com directly as you would for appointments.

How do I pay?

Current payment options are cash,  cheque, local bank transfer, PayPal and mMoney. 

Will I get all the digital images?

All of the photos, shown to you for selection, are available for purchase. Please note that during the course of a photo session, hundreds of photos may be taken. Even top models aren't perfect in EVERY photo. I eliminate all the photos with unflattering elements so that your valuable time is only spent selecting from the best of the bunch.

How do I get the images I pay for?

Your ordered images are generally delivered to you in a private, password-protected gallery on my website.  For one or two images, attachments to an email may be used. In cases where company's internet security blocks website access, photos may be delivered via either Dropbox or WeTransfer link.

What am I allowed to do with purchased images?

Details of what you are allowed to do with purchased images will be outlined in your Image Usage License Agreement. It is important to communicate before your photo session what you would like to do with the images. Different image uses have different values.

How long do you keep my photos?

Barring any unforeseen problems, photos from your session will be available on the active system for 1 year. After this period the photos may either be moved to an offsite backup location or removed completely. Please remember to keep your purchased images in more than one place in case you have a computer system failure.
There will be a charge to source the images from backup after the 1st year.

Do you offer make-up and hairstyling services?

I can source a professional make-up artist or hairstylist for you at an additional cost.

Do you photograph weddings?

Weddings are not my forte, but I have been known to photograph small ones on occasion. Please contact me by email (warrenLphoto@gmail.com) to discuss what may be possible for your special day.

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